Thursday, March 15, 2012


Xerxes are a 5 piece screamo band from Louisville, Kentucky. Formed in 2009 they play a brand of screamo they describe as being influence as You and I, Saetia, Trash Talk and Ampere, I would throw Touché Amoré in there as well. They are on of my favourite bands. I do have a slight problem when listening to them because I'm never sure if I should weep uncontrollably or smash everything around me in a hardcore rage

Their first EP Twins was released May 2010. It's 7 songs in just over 10 minutes which constantly pummels you with emotional hardcore, barely giving you room to relax and breath before smashing you in the face once again. There may be one or two weak songs on the EP but even the ones I'm not so fond of are still great. This is my favourite album of theirs besides the new LP, probably simply because there are more songs that I instantly latched onto

 Their second EP was a two track album called Homeward Carries No Direction and it's every bit as great as the first one. Freefall starts off more melodic but then the rest of the band comes in and it slams every bit as hard as it should but retains an larger, almost epic feel thanks to the melody coming from one of the guitars. The second track Runaways wastes no time getting down to the business of ripping through another emotionally heavy track that pulls no punches

 Their next album was another EP this time a split with a band called Midnight Souls. To be honest I'm so into Xerxes I don't even listen to the Midnight Souls side as I just want to keep listening to Xerxes. These two songs are much the same awesomeness as they have produced before, no real new ground broken but they're certainly not spinning their wheels as these songs are also great. These songs might have a few more softer melodic bits in between the emotionally devastating hardcore bits but it doesn't stick out, just feels like a natural progression

This year they signed to No Sleep Records and released their debut LP Our Home Is A Deathbed. They will be on tour for the rest of 2012 promoting the album. I got to see them when they came to Toronto with Pianos Become The Teeth and they were absolutely amazing. The LP is a major step forward because of what you can do with the time of an LP. First of all the album is front to back incredible, there isn't a bad song and there isn't a dull moment. The sequencing is also great as the first side seems to just build and build and build into the second side which just explodes at you without letting up. If they're coming anywhere near you you have to go see them as they put on a great show.