Friday, January 20, 2012

Counterparts - The Current Will Carry Us

Counterparts are a metalcore band from Ontario. I don't have much patience for metalcore these days as so much of seems generic circle jerking of uninspired pablum. But Counterparts new second LP The Current Will Carry Us is really quite great.   

There's an energy and an inspiration here that really pushes the songs over the top. I'm not as versed in metalcore as I was once so I can't be quite as wordy in explaining why these guys are awesome but rest assured they are.

The vocalist has a really great shout that can be either pure and clean or a deeper hoarse shout. The guitar never falls into the boring chugga chugga chugga bree bree bree of stereotypical metalcore even when the rhythms are a tad to well trod. The songs are put together very well, never falling apart or being boring and racing by at the speed of light.