Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A new mix!

Here`s another mix covering what I listened to between November 23rd and December 1st 2011.

We start off with a great dubstep song by Microw Jupiter. The dj took a bunch of clips from arguably the worst movie ever and used to to construct a sweet dubstep song. I`m not much for dubstep but this is really great

Then we head to the east coast for some 90s emocore courtesy of Render Useless. One of the dudes was apparently in Benchwarmer whom I also lvoe

We stay in British Colombia and head up to Kamloops for some tracks by a band called After School Knife Fight. They put out one EP in 2001 called Jousting With The Intent of Hurting People and its quite good.

We head out to Ottawa for some screamo courtesy of Van Johnson. Reminds me of Todos Caeran and maybe a less heavy One Eyed God Prophecy.

Taking a break from the screamo up next is two tracks from the new Bjork album. They are experimental, almost ambient tracks from the reigning Icelandic queen of weirdness.

We return to the screamo with a band from Mississauga Ontario called No Alarms. They put out one EP called Zipper Effect before changing their name.

we head out out west for one track from an awesome active band called  Todos Caeran. Most of their records are still available and well worth it.

Delo Truda are the band that No Alarm turned into. The people didn`t change and the music didn`t change. They also put out a split with a band called Ramon Gris.

Ramon Gris are the final band on this mix. I managed to see them after they changed their name to The Year It Broke and they were quite good. Their recordings are good but a little sludgy in parts which don`t match what I remember of their live show.