Sunday, November 06, 2011

Ukrainian, Russian & French Screamo, lofi Emocore & more

The latest mix of what I've been listening. this covers November 2nd to 5th. It starts off pretty screamo heavy and then goes in an odd direction right at the end. 

Things start with a band called Oh, You Skeleton!  Their last fm page says they are from Germany but there's an argument about where they're actually from. There's not a lot of info aside from the fact at least one member posted on cross your heart with a knife back in the day. Just a little lo fi but they're still quite good.

Things get way less chaotic and of a much higher fidelity with Oh, Deer!  They are a Ukrainian band from Zhytomyr. They play a classic form of screamo, going from thin angry guitar lines to crushing heaviness on a dime. The dude sounds like his voice is destroying itself in the process of escaping with his words.

 Violence For Hurley are next up and they are lower fi and way more violent. They are from Murmansk russia and their  brand of screamo is much more chaotic and explsoive, the rage is less controlled. Unfortunately  they broke up last summer.

We stay in the  screamo vein but get much more sophisticated with Mihai Edrisch. These songs from their two LP's L'Un Sans L'autre & Un Jour Sans Lendemain. I like the  second LP better, I find the first a bit abrasive. The songs that work on the first disc really work because there's a very real sense of dissonance. But when that doesn't work, and it doesn't always, it just drives me away.

All these songs are quite good. They manage to make intricate, distinct guitar lines harness the chaotic energy and smash you over the head with it. Also, the drummer was in Daitro till they decided to break up.

 Things stay emotional but get way more punk with a lo fi emocore punk band called The Whoopass Girls. The main songwriter/shouter is the same dude that's done henry bemis is a superhero, the loneliest cowgirls, screaming & dreaming and the sky looks pissed.

This is most punk band to date. I love every single thing about this band. Very skateable but still screaming your guts out. There are tracks here from all 3 EP's he put out under this name and they're all awesome. Get ready to destroy what's around you

We lose the emo completely but get incredibly catchy with Ancestors, from Toronto. These songs are short, to the point and each make a unique musical statement. I can't deal with how catchy these songs are in combination with how punked up they are. If this doesn't make you jump around the room you must be dead.

We head out to Vancouver for some slow burning math rock from American Geography. I'll be playing them on my radio show this Tuesday. A lot of their stuff is stoo slow and mathy with too much post rock in it but these songs kick some serious but. The math heads should like this  and they need to be better known.

Things finish off today with a single track from the gangsta rap supergroup Tha Dogg Pound. If you don't like gangsta rap you won't like this. Too bad for you.