Monday, October 10, 2011

Zounds- Curse Of The Zounds

I'd never heard of Zounds until 20 minutes ago when this album came on. It's really good, straight forward ish punk from 1981.

They are an anrcho punk band and were quite good friends with Crass though they sound quite different.

They recorded this, their debut album, in just five days. You wouldn't know it though when you hear how every song is crafted.

This is what I like in my old school punk, lots of energy and sneering and lyrics about the randomest of things that manage to have a social and political awareness about them.

This is punk in the same sense that Television is punk. The basis and construction are clearly punk but these artists are not content with sitting around doing the same thing everyone else is doing so it comes out as something not quite punk.

Or maybe it's just straight ahead punk and I'm thinking too much. In any event, great album.