Friday, September 30, 2011

Punk, Emo, And Dave Wenger

This is the latest mix of what I've been listening to lately, this time its from between september 24th and 30.

We start off where the last one ended with some tracks from the full length debut of Kill Matilda. I saw them last week on their Zombie Apocalypse tour and they are awesome female fronted punk.

Things get emo and more rock and roll with Into It. Over It. Evan Weiss is great. Though as much as I like II.OI. I really do prefer Stay Ahead Of The Weather.

Now its time for some modern screamo courtesy of  Reno Dakota. There's nothing brand new or groundbreaking here but it is good, modern screamo with few fills.

We stay with the screamo and get a lot more mainstream with the first three tracks of La Dispute. This is the 
first time I've actually engaged with these guys though the vocals can be a tad samey through these songs.

Now we get to the beginning of the output of a Canadian emo punk rock genius Dave Wenger. He started in high school with Moral Decay then played in M Blanket, Ache Hour Credo and Daddy's Hands.

Moral Decay is a metal band and M Blanket are a seminal emo punk band. More from Dave Wenger next time