Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jowls & The Reptilian

They're both on tour right now. Gonna be in Toronto tonight. $5 show but the train ticket to Toronto is 6 times that. Anyway. Both Jowls and The Reptilian are awesome bands. One is a an awesome newish screamo band and the other is a harder to categorize twinkly, indie shouting band.

Jowls debut ep Cunt Punch is one of my favourite ep's of the year. The name may put some people off but that's okay. They are a two piece from Grand Rapids Michigan. They play what I think is screamo but could just as easily be post hardcore. Their split with the Reptilian sounds like they're more of a post hardcore band but only time will tell.

Jowls - Cunt Punch

Jowls & The Reptilian Split

The Reptilian have been around a while longer and they have a rather unique sound I think. They're is a  lot tapping, a lot of twinkly guitars and a whole lot of shouting. They are one of the shoutier bands on the Count Your Lucky Stars roster.

The Reptilian - Full Health

The Reptilian -  We Have Become