Monday, June 06, 2011

Ampere - Like Shadows

If you don't know who Ampere is, shame on you. They are one of the key intelligent screamo bands that still make gripping, emotional music.

They are arguably a supergroup with the guitarist Will Killingsworth playing in Orchid, Laceration and Bucket Full of Teeth; Drummer Andy Skelly played drums in both The Last 40 Seconds and Wolves, the singer Stephen has played in Montcalm, The Last 40 Seconds and Aerosols. Meghan also played bass in Unicoroner, and sang with Stop The Clock and Relics

This is emoviolence if there is such a thing. There are 15 songs in 13 minutes and each song is as punishing a hardcore anthem as the previous and next. The crushing power of this band might let up for a moment but that's only so you can breathe for a frozen moment before the next attempt at crushing you into the dirt.

These are short, chaotic and violent songs. If you don't like screamo or emo violence then this is not for you. If you like songs that don't last a long time but leave a huge emotional mark this the band for you. Glad to see them back.