Friday, June 03, 2011

Alestorm - Back Through Time

Time for some more slightly derivative but still ass kicking metal. From Scotland Alestorm bring you their second LP Back Through Time. 

The music they play is quite interesting if not particularly original. The formula is power metal with folk metal and a lyrical focus on pirates thus getting you to Pirate Metal.

For the most part the music is straight ahead power metal. Huge melodious guitars chasing each other and nearly every song reaches into epic nature if not length. The singer has a really good gruff voice which contrasts the melodic but still really heavy music.

When I say folk metal don't think of something with really different instrumentation like Falkenbach but a more sort of general ass kicking heavy metal. There is accordion on some of the songs chugging along with the guitars and there isn't a lack of periphery instruments floating in and on top.

If you like power metal this will probably scratch that itch. If you like folk metal this might be a bit of a stretch but there is stuff here for you. If you like heavy metal songs about sailing the high seas, drinking lots and lots of rum and scantily clad buxom babes then this is great.