Thursday, May 26, 2011

Arch Enemy -Khaos Legions

Arch Enemy are a melodic death metal band formed in Sweden in 1996. In 200 they replaced original singer Johan Liiva with Angela Gossow. This year they released their first album of all new, original material in 3 years called Khaos Legions. And it's quite good.

There are more overt references to Anarchy than I can remember which is kinda cool. There are more instrumental, acoustic breaks than I would like but it is what it is. There are a couple of really great, anthemic metal songs that kick ass the way Arch Enemy usually does. It's a thoroughly solid album.

I do have one minor complaint that it kind of seems like Arch Enemy is treading water. While these are solid songs and the music is well played and as always sounds awesome but there's nothing particularly new or innovative. The songs are good but they do feel a little bit like any of the other songs Arch Enemy's written  in the past years. Solid metal with nothing fundamentally wrong but a tad underwhelming for the first new material in 3 years.

(there was a download link here but the dmca got to me. You'll have to find your own source. Maybe buy it?)