Saturday, March 05, 2011

Whoopass Girls

from the same person who brought you Henry Bemis Is A Superheroe, Screaming & Dreaming, The Sky Looks Pissed and The Loneliest Cowgirl comes another album from The Whoopass Girls.

All of the aforementioned bands have been created and fronted by Ethan from Missoula, Montana. I'll readily admit to only having listened to a minority of his output.

I came across Screaming & Dreaming last year or the year before and enjoyed but I wasn't into the whole emo/screamo thing enough to really appreciate it. Plus that album is rather too chaotic and explosive sans structure for my tastes.

I will also readily admit to heavily disliking the tiny bit of Henry Bemis that I've heard. I download it with the best intentions of listening to it but I can never make it beyond 30 seconds of intensly lo fi cracked out folk music.

And that sums up my entire experience with the output of this somewhat mysterious guy known as Ethan. Until now.

The dude from thatspunk posted up the new self titled Whoopass Girls EP and on a whim I downloaded it.

Apparently no one told Ethan that '90's emo is dead and buried. That's the genre he's decided to resurrect. Now my knowledge in that area is rather limited so I'll go with quoting the people that'spunk namedrops: Christie Front Drive, September and Cap’n Jazz.

It is noodly in points, ethan never approaches singing and for once the lousy production works in the musics favour. This kinda sounds like it was recorded into the same answering machine that Eric's Trip recorded into. Thankfully the vocals, while somewhat distorted as his want, do ride ontop of the distortion and noise created by the band

It's just under a half hour and so doesn't overstay it's welcome. The songs are relatively short allowing the emotion to take control. If you can wrap your head around it you'll have some fun. If not, I rather pity you.