Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blues Mix

Here's another blues mix I made for you guys

We start off today where we ended last time with a final track by blues shouter Big Joe Turner. Next a couple of songs by a man who's music freed him. Robert Pete Williams was in Angola prison when he was discovered and recorded by Dr Harry Oster and Richard Allen. He was serving a life prison for a murder he claimed was self defense. One these songs, Grown So Ugly has been covered by Captain Beafheart & The Black Keys. His songs are rhythmically unique, different meters and such make them really cool pieces of art.

We get down in the delta for a little bit with some songs by Mississippi Fred Mcdowell all three of which are fairly iconic. Shake 'Em On Down is also done by Elmore James and is a complete classic much like Good Morning Little Schoolgirl. Then we move out to the east coast for some finger picking Piedmont Blues.  Pink Anderson not only has an awesome voice but can write some really good songs that have some delta in the vocals and lots of pickin on the guitar.

 If you don't know who Etta James is this is your opportunity  to fix your errors. She's won a bunch of awards in her 40+ year career. Here are three tracks, including a duet cover of Spoonful with Harvey Fuqua. Now we have some more Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe McCoy. Memphis Minnie is one of few female pre war blues guitarists. She could really play that thing with a passion and a fire.

Now we switch to some slide guitar blues with Elmore James. We have his version of Shake Your Moneymaker and another song called Fine Little Mama. Excellent, iconic blues. Followed by one of my favourite artists, another guy with a great name, Brownie McGhee. He was very close to Blind Boy Fuller back in the day, even recording as Blind Boy Fuller 2 for awhile. Brownie may be best known for his work with harmonica king Sonny Terry. There is a little bit of harmonica blues in these songs but most of them lean towards an interesting combination of country and Piedmont style blues.

At some point I downloaded a complete discography of Charley Patton. It came with a bunch of other stuff as well. Like a duet with Bertha Lee called Troubled 'Bout My Mother, sessions by Son House, Walter "Buddy Boy" Hawkins, Willie Brown and a track by a guy named the Masked Marvel. Can you  guess who he is?

Blind Willie Mctell, one of my favourite artists shows up again with four tracks from Atlanta Twelve Strings and John Lee Hooker returns eight tracks from four albums. Hooker's unique style is unmatchable.