Monday, January 31, 2011

Julie Doiron

Here's an artist that is criminally underrated. She got her start playing bass in Eric's Trip a seminal Canadan indie rock noise band. They were signed to Subpop back in the 90's and made a bit of a name for themselves though it seems like they're forgotten now.

After the dissolution of that outfit she started writing and recording her own music, her first solo stuff being put out under the name of Broken Girl, which rather aptly describes the music. She has been doing her thing solo for 14 years now, having done albums with a couple of other groups along the way. She did an album with Wooden Stars in 1999, was a part of Shotgun & Jaybird till that died and is now part of Calm Down It's Monday with Fred Squire. In which she plays drums.

On her own she picks up her acoustic and writes beautiful, gentle songs about the little things that make up life. Her voice is high and fragile and she writes songs that match it. She's a singer songwriter who knows her strengths and plays to them.

If you like singer songwriter stuff, this will scratch that itch. If you like deeply emotional music that proudly wears it's hearts on it's sleeve you'll definitely like this. And if you like Canadian folk music you'll hopefully like this.

She will be at the Red Dog on Wednesday February 2nd with Little Scream. Tickets are only $10, come down see an awesome canadian artist