Friday, June 04, 2010


I am an anarchist because I scorn and detest all authority, since all authority is founded on injustice, exploitation, and compulsion over the human personality. Authority dehumanizes the individual and makes him a slave.
I am opponent of private property when it is held by individual capitalists for private property is theft.
I am an anarchist because I am subject to unstinting criticism and censure mainstream morality as well as religion which shrouds the human personality in darkness and prevents its independent development.
I am an anarchist because I a can not remain silent while the propertied class oppresses and humiliates the property less workers and peasants. In such circumstances only corpses can remains silent, not live human beings.
I am an anarchist because I believe in the truth of the anarchist ideal, which seeks to liberate mankind from the authority of capitalism and the deception of religion.
I am an anarchist because I believe only in the creative powers and independence of a united working class not in the leaders of the parties or government.

- A Russian Soldier

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