Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Everyone defines anarchy for themselves.
I would not dare to define it for you.
This is what I think.

An anarchist is a grown person daring to resist the unjust authority of the archetypal parents.

Anarchism was born of a moral revolt against social injustice.
It must be mighty and ruthless, prepared to do whatever is necessary to achieve justice and vengeance of the people by the people.

I hope the sun of righteousness and truth and justice will come to bathe in its balmy light,
an emancipated world

We will dance the Ravachole until there are no more wars, no more quarrels, no more jealousy, no more theft, no more assassinations, no more police, no more judges, no more administration

Violence may be the midwife to change but our destructive urge is also a creative one.
We do not destroy simply to destroy.
We clear the land of the parasites and weeds so the people may reclaim it.

If we are monsters it is because you have made us so.
If we are to be feared it is because you are corrupt.

Our modern civilization is a Moloch temple reared upon the bodies of slaughtered slaves.
Let us do what we must, we can not equal the crimes our masters.

We shall perform the last funeral rites over a decaying and dying social system.
Out of it's ashes will rise the regenerated individual.
The bold and daring rebel.

Anarchism depends on waking you up.
On making you realize that you have immense power and capabilities but have been numbed to sleep.
We are so accustomed to obedience and passivity we must be shocked awake.

I did not write this. I agree with most of it

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