Monday, January 15, 2007

Watery Mournfall

Tentative pastoral controversy
Change wandering
swirling caucophony
Surface elsewhere
Somewhat mysterious
Flurries to a minimum
Pouring into and out
Tentative seemingly under
shimmer drift & glisten
Three chords and a violin
simply a chant
Consider "traditional"
Watery mournfal
Centerpiece overdub
Drone overlap
Masking mirroring
Holding turbulence
Catharsis drama
Quiet tension
Usher in the aftermath
Whispering generous background
Poetic and lying
Dense solitute
Desire remembrance
Extend empty terrain
See into secret truths
Speak immeasurably small
Shimmering honest
Emotional dynamic

(This too is a found poem. Found in a review of Dirty Three's Ocean Songs album)