Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Only Way Out Is Further In

These inside fears are the worst
That I've ever had to face
There is no greater fear
Than what dwells inside
For what dwells inside lives without a name
And those without a name
Cannot be destroyed
Or ignored, or gotten rid of
You have to live with it
And cherish them, as they eat you alive
Even as they destroy you
Crush you from the inside out
You must love them the same
Because if you give up hope
You give up all chance of survival
All chance of sanity
There is not a single thing you can do
Except close your eyes
And wait for the inevitable dawn
Once the transfer is over
Once the circumstances are correct
Then you can open your eyes
And admit you have changed
Look yourself in the eye
And know that you are not you anymore
What you once hosted
What served you has turned the tables
You know live inside of it
Never knowing when you escape
So start eating my friend
The only way out is further in.