Thursday, January 04, 2007

Never Await Another Sunrise

Why can't you feel just like I do
Why do people have to be so different
If we were made for each other
And we where made for each other
Why are our minds so fixed on different things
All I want, is one little world
All I need is that one little world
Just three big letters and I'll be on my way
On to bigger but not better things
Things that will take my mind off
The inattention I've paid
To the rest of my life
The little things they build up
Slowly breaking me inside
Tearing me down from the outside in
But when you reach my hollow inside
My heart has stopped beating
And my blood has stopped flowing
There's nothing left
But a flowing
Piece of a former human
There will be nothing left
There should be nothing left
If there is something left
Then I have failed
There is nothing
Left for me to do
Except wither away
And never await
Another sunrise

[c] me