Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cyber Punk Anti Belief Collection, Poems 8-12

Save Me
Can't you tell
That twinkle in my eye
Is a gentle scream
Telling you to come save me
Save me from my best intentions
If you have ever cared about me
Now's the time to prove it
Save me from myself
And prove that you care

Trapped Inside

Trapped inside
This fake machine
Tells me what to believe
What to think
How to believe
Hit the ground running
Never ask for more
Never look back
And never go back

Belief in the one true power
Will leave you dead and drained
Loveless and lonely
Unlovely and ugly

Untitled For A Reason

Exist to serve
And to save
Your priceless morality
From becoming
Another uselss commodity
Asleep with our eyes
Wide open so we don't miss
The next opportunity
To shed our shackles
And escape this senseless slaughter
It's gone to waste
All our wasteful days
Never grow to anything
Never figure out what it all means