Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Morning Rambles

The Grateful Dead are ridiculously good. There is very little that can feel better than sitting at you computer on a Sunday morning, with absolutely nothing to do. The rooms a little cold so I have to keep jiggling or else my extremeties will go numb, but that’s not a problem, at least while Jerry’s singing. Everything about this morning is perfect. I do not have a headache, the coffee tasted good and I had some nice hearty laughs watching the extra featurs on the Office Space dvd I borrowed from the library this weekend.

I have also done some writing this morning, and I have discovered something about my writing style. I tend to rip someone off for the beginning, because that’s what I suck most at, is starting. I can never seem to find a way to start a poem until I hear a line in a song or a book or in a conversation. I put that down and then everything goes into it’s proper order. And it works. The Dead are great for beginning writing.