Saturday, November 04, 2006

Some Random Musings

I seem to have cobbled together enough writings to make a semi-decent post, so here goes nothing.

G0tta C0me D0wn

Gotta come down
To where my soul is clear
Gotta come down
To where my brain can breath
Gotta get down
To where other people live
Gotta get down
To where I can survive

Untitled (As Of Right Now)

The same kinda threat
Said with a golden smile
Will kill you just as dead
As a the same kinda threat
Said with a gutter twist in mind
Spiral into the dark
No voices can be heard
Lost in our infinity
There's no way to be seen

Broken Barbie Fairytales

Here I go again
Writing my twisted fairy tales
Story of beautiful
But broken girls
Here I go again
Falling in love with her
But then I remember
She's already been
Beautifully broken
Beautifully Broken For Me.


waitin' for the day break
Waitin' for the sun to shine
Waitin' for the clouds to part
So I can see your smile


we'll sin together
We'll fall together
We'll rise togther
We'll die together

Draw The Line (This one's not as good)

Where do you draw the line
Between fantasy and reality?
When someone gets hurt?
Then it's already to late
But how do you
allow freedom of thought
But protect the innocence
from the oh so guilty?
It is the continueing conundrum
Of our tortured society.
We can't keep them locked up,
but we shouldn't let them out either

So yeah. That's the most recent batch of my musings. Hope you enjoyed them :P